Space Age Principles, Applied To Camping Tents.

When NASA was preparing to launch their first satellites into space they knew that solar radiation was going to be a big problem.   On Earth, normal camping tents and green houses also deal with the same problem - the huge amount of energy that the Sun is constantly putting out.  Our tent is made of a custom proprietary fabric that reflects the vast majority of Solar radiation - from Ultraviolet to Visible Light to Infrared.  Not matter whether you're here on Earth or up in space that outer layer of fabric is going to heat up.  So we added an airflow layer between the tent's rain-fly and the inner tent.   This allows heat to rise up and escape the tent instead of being trapped inside.  The inner tent is also made of our proprietary heat blocking fabric - so when the outer layer heats up it can't radiate heat into the inner tent.   All of this adds up to the coolest tent money can buy.  Check out our real world test data here to see how it performs.