Other tents turn into ovens when the sun hits them.  They blow down in the wind.  They fill with sand and dust.  They are so bright inside you can't sleep past sunrise.  They only last a single season.  They leak when it rains.  They get too hot during the day and too cold at night.  The No Bake Tent solves these problems. Learn more below or order now.


How It Works

tent model demo.jpg

See how the technology works and view real world test data.


Tech Spces1.jpg

View the specs, weight and floor plan. 

Purchase Now

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Pre-Ordering open now. Limited availability. FYI - We sold out last year before be had any tents in stock - order now to guarantee you get a tent this year. 

The "No Bake Tent stayed *so* much cooler than the traditional tent that we had setup and was also significantly cooler than the (Competitors tent). Very happy to have it on the Playa on our hottest Burn so far!!"

Pre-Orders for 2018 Now Open