Setup Manual (click me!)

Tips for Setting up the No Bake Tent

If this is your first time setting up the tent there are a few things that are different from normal tents: 

#1. The poles attach to the rainfly!

#2. There is a top cover that you want to install *before* you raise the tent fly. 

#3. The inner tent hangs from small clips inside the tent fly - you can also just set up the tent fly without the inner tent as a sun shelter.

#4. There are a ton of guy out points on the tent - in really big winds you want to use them all!  The most important guy out point is on the side of the tent where the two red poles cross.  The further away from the tent you anchor the guy lines the better they work.  

#5. Watch the video! (Feel free to speed it up to double time by clicking the gear icon and selecting 2x).


Filter Pockets

register filters pic.jpg

If you're headed to a place with lots of sand or dust - like Burning Man, Further Future, Coachella - you'll probably want to take advantage of the filter pockets on the ceiling of the tent.  The pockets accept 4 in x 12 in register filters.  You can buy them at most hardware stores or online.  They get dirty pretty fast at places like the playa so buy several to replace them as they get dirty.  Here is a link to some on Amazon: Vent Register Filters